[Oeva-list] New on the list...

Mike Siebert mdcbert at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 29 23:26:04 PDT 2006

Hi, I`m mike, I`m new here. I`ve been lurking now for a
week or so. Background:

I got to use one of PGE`s Solectras about 10 years ago.

Other than that, I am a scooter guy. I am also a "low
Budget" guy, so I had to make my scooter from scratch...

WARNING: it`s not an EV, But I made it from scratch, AND
titled it!

I also used to "lowride" in the Traditional Mexican way
about 15 years ago, got my first lessons of how to take
care of battery packs. I have been repairing floor machines
(battery ones too) for about 8 years, and I now repair
Scissor lifts and that kind of related rental stuff (2

So, now I`m thinking Electric car. I think I`d rather
convert a glider, maybe MY car instead. I just have to find
parts on the cheap. So, maybe I`ll listen in on here.

Say, 3hp Permanent Mag. 36v 8" motors don`t pull that well,
do they?

Series wound prestolite pump motors...Are they good for
continuous use? What are they good for in the EV world?

Mike Siebert
 St. Johns

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