[Oeva-list] A VERY Green Day on Greenwood Av. (long)

Steven Lough stevenslough at comcast.net
Tue Jun 27 10:19:45 PDT 2006

BOY !   We're we Hammered.   I mean the questions, and inquiries just 
kept coming..  From hours before the show opened, till way passed the 
time we were all headed over to my place for the Annual SEVA BBQ.

Many thanks for all the Extra Effort that went into this years "Gasless 
on Greenwood"   First   myself...  Your Welcome...
But mostly the folks who came from a distance..  Mark Mongillo's and his 
1968 Datsun Pick-up, and John Waland, just FRESH off the plane from 
Alaska, and Roy LeMeur for helping them both get up here..  Thanks Roy.
and Mark from MC Electric for his entry, and helping Paul Gooch get his 
darling VW Doon Buggy down from Everett.   ...But also just all the 
regulars who came from near and far..Stephen Bernheim all the way down 
from Edmonds in his Sparrow... always a crowd pleasure.  Father Time, 
although in L.A. at the time..for arranging two buddies to bring one of 
his classy Drag Bikes.  Kent Bakke and his Red VW Bug. Andrew Schwarz 
down from Bothell, and his beautiful Mazda Miata.. Dave Cloud and one of 
his customers, who was kind enough to bring a very nice 4-door 
Geo-Metro... a very nice example of a conversion, which was certainly a 
big Item of Conversation..  Ryan Fulcher was swamped with questions on 
Plug-In-Hybrids !!  Many folks recognized his perfectly prepared Toyota 
Prius, from its recent article in the Seattle Times News Paper.  If we 
had a ready-made PHEV KIT, I think we could have sold a DOZEN right 
there on the SPOT.  Dave Barden brought his Ohhh-too cuit Honda 600 EV.
Want to THANK our friends from Green Car Company for joining us too. 
Hope they got a lot of ACTION.  Wonderful to see those Smart Cars, and 
Bio-Diesel too..

Want to give special thanks to Ryan, for the on-going video 
show/presentation out of the back of his Prius...  Always a gathering 
point for crowds.  Many folks still BLOWN AWAY once realizing how FAST 
Plasma-Boys White Zombie Datsun is....  A great show.

I was way horse of voice by noon...   Shouting at the crowd, when folks 
would walk by with out stopping..." You'll be BACK when gas is $5 a 
Gallon !! """    ( some folks laughed....   some did not... )  You have 
to remember we were in the "Den of Lions"  I mean there was Oil, and 
GAS, and Chrome, and custom paint jobs, as far as the eye could see...

The only problem... ( which we WILL resolve for next year...) is having 
a designated SPOT before entering the show area... Like the Ferrari Club 
or the Mini Club, or the GTO Club.   We went down, to where there was 
SUPPOSED to be 12 spots, only to be turned around and heading back 
towards the End of the Line.   I jumped out, ( near 74th,,,  and just 
Proclaimed a Half Block as " !!ELECTRIC CAR LAND..STAND CLEAR...WE'RE 
BACKING  I N !!     It worked out OK.

Thanks again to everyone.  And THANKS to all who came to the BBQ. Chuck 
!  Thanks for the Chicken.  Thanks the Bardons for the Tebuli, and the 
Meyers, and all the others too...  It was great to break bread with all 
our EV Friends...

     Now ON to the next show...  Who's coming to Tacoma with me on the 
9th of July ????
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