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_http://www.forex.hu/eng/main.htm_ (http://www.forex.hu/eng/main.htm) 
The above link will take you there. 
The _Battery  Desulphating Unit_ (http://www.forex.hu/eng/desulph.pdf)   also 
looks nice if only looking nice would make  it work.
I know nothing about this company other than they take Visa
I did a Google search other than their web site nothing came up.
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My comment is if it works I'd love to  have access to one. It's
made in Budapest... Where do you find the price  and who sells
it? Has anyone responded with info about the company  re:

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>  Curious if any one has any comments about this?
>  _http://www.forex.hu/eng/captest1225engsh.pdf_ 
>  (http://www.forex.hu/eng/captest1225engsh.pdf) 
> Cost is  347.90
> Don
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George  Tylinski (Yahoo ID acid_lead)
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