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It's been taken, thanks.

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Ok, I went over to look at the car that Andy had. I asked him what he wanted
for it and he told me $500, so I bought it, but really don't have a use for
it (I have way to many EVs already). There is only a few parts that I have a
use for and want to keep(the controller and the batteries, if I can get them
to hold a charge). I don't want to take the rest to scrap because it has a
nice clean straight body and a huge motor already coupled to the tranny. So
here's the deal, if any OEVA member wants it as an EV project (not to scrap
it) it's free and I will deliver it. Let me know in the next few days as it
is on my trailer and I need to use the trailer to haul another EV Friday. It
would really be a great beginners car, as the hard mechanical work is
already done. It just needs the electrical system added.
Dannyb61 at comcast.net

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Dan and all,
The last I knew, it was still available and he was getting closer to have to
dispose of it by whatever means.  That was just ove a week ago.  At the
meeting, one person was intending to look at it, probably to get properly
set up and re-sell (or maybe not...).

Anyway the specifics:
Andy McDougall
29 NE 160th
Portland, OR  97230
(call before 8:00 PM)

Note again that this is a useable project, in my opinion, but will not be
high performance and will require some money and effort to get safely on the
road.  I does have a clunky forklift motor and a 120V Curtis 1221 controller
that were shown to operate without load.  Never got it moving on its own.
The batteries are smallish Trojans, brand new, but not really maintained for
close to a year.

Have fun!
Eric Johnson
Portland, OR

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