[Oeva-list] Re: Oeva-list Digest, Vol 31, Issue 11

Ralph Merwin rmerwin at aracnet.com
Sat May 20 06:27:39 PDT 2006

"K :\)" writes:
> I've been lurking on this group for sometime and have learned a great
> deal.  I just ordered a ZAP Xebra low speed vehicle that I'll be using
> to commute to work in downtown Portland.  Anybody know of any spots
> that I can plug into to recharge during the day ? 


The only official charging station is the PGE station near SW 1st and
Salmon.  There are two charging spots with 120v and 240v outlets.  You
can park for free as long as you're charging your vehicle.  Note that
your vehicle must be registered as an electric vehicle (fuel type ELEC)
to park there or you'll get a ticket.

There are one or two Smart Parks that have 'recharging locations' where
you can recharge but normal parking rates apply.  I think Gary Graunke
has used one of these locations.

As John mentioned, there are lots of other outlets that look like
possibilities.  You'd have to check with the business owner before using
them though.

Be sure to bring your new vehicle to the next OEVA meeting.  Many people
are curious about them.


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