[Oeva-list] EV Conversion Workshop Sat 11/11 9am-??

barnes.rick at verizon.net barnes.rick at verizon.net
Fri Nov 10 21:27:08 PST 2006

I finally got the motor coupling back from the machine shop. They used an end mill (actually several of them) to remove the broken tap. Then they installed a helicoil to restore the damaged threads.

The machine shop cut a piece of 16 gauge steel 42x7 to weld to the front of the main battery box for double wall reinforcement.

Since this work was considered a "government job" there was no charge, gratis, free.... Maybe my car will need to sport their company logo...

Work plan for this weekend is to clean up and attach the flywheel to the motor. The runout and wobble will be checked and corrected as much as possible. If all goes well the motor will be mated to the transmission and then mounted in the car.

Hope to see you Saturday!

Rick Barnes
Aloha, OR

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