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Mark Freidberg mark58150 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 15 13:47:25 PST 2006

The event at Powell's last night was well attended with most of the seats taken and some people standing on the perimeter too.
  The speaker followed the anticipated format: a) oil economy is bad b) Hydrogen is the way forward.
  Its possible he was able to estimate the political and environmental leanings of the audience in attendance and adjusted his presentation to spend most of the time on part a) and only a few minutes on part b). Even so, the first questions from the audience expressed skepticism over Hydrogen solutions. So all is not lost yet.
  It could have been worse as the speaker did briefly mention battery electric vehicles in a non-critical light.
  A final thought is perhaps a page could be added to the OEVA site which would summarize a position on Hydrogen and fuel cells and include references for further reading. Oregon may continue to feel pressure coming out of California to pursue a Hydrogen pathway. There's a need for a clear message as to why this isn't a good idea if in fact it isn't.
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    Like many OEVA members I enjoyed the OEVA feature which aired on KBOO last week.


    However this morning at 10 am there was an interview with author Terry Tamminen who is promoting his book "Lives per Gallon."


    While he critiqued the oil economy, he also spoke favorably of hydrogen cars and fuel cell vehicles. He made no mention of battery electric vehicles. He's under no obligation to do so, although he may be misrepresenting hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as an important solution to the problems with the oil economy. Others can decide for themselves if this is the case.


    He is speaking at Powell's on burnside tonight at 7:30 pm. I suggest OEVA members attend if they can make it:



    Copies of this morning's interview are also available from KBOO.



    Mark Freidberg

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