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Hello Rick
If we could get 240 at any of these locations that would be a big plus and  a 
deciding factor to me anyway. Some of the other members could voice their  
thoughts on this. Having 240 would allow EV drivers to come from further out and 
 extend the range of EV drivers all over. 
I was curious what about shopping centers or Costco locations? Since this  
would be PGE the locations would not need to be near the building for power. I  
would be happy to use their most undesirable parking spot if I could plug  in.
I would still be willing to sponsor 120 volt stations. If that was all we  
could get a location and was needed by an EV driver.  It makes more  sense 
though if we could have both voltages. Can you find out what locations we  can get 
240 at?
Is there any chance of adding additional locations in downtown Portland  
north or south of Burnside? 
You can count on West Hills Carstar to sponsor as many locations as  needed 
to get this going. I cannot thank you enough for your help.
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I spoke with Trimet today. Below is the list of  possible locations, some may 
not be available based on power  availability.

I would like to find out the best places to put the EV  parking spaces.

Voltage and location survey
Please send me your  name- and voltage needs and location preferences to   
rick.durst at pgn.com


Sponsor Survey

Assuming the  cost is less than $10  a month for an EV spot with a $120 volt 
outlet (We  are working on 220 volt as well), 
and the cost of a sign ($200 or so) that  would say:

Parking for Electric Vehicles only
This Electric  Vehicle 
parking space 
sponsored by
"Insert your name here"

Please send me an email  if you know of a company or individual that would 
like to sponsor a space  for  minimum of 1 year.

I need company name and contact  information and desired sponsorship 


Westside Max:
Hatfield Government  Center
Fairplex/Hillsboro Airport
Quatama/NW  205th
Willowcreek/185th Transit Center
Elmonica/SW  170th
Milikan Way
Sunset Transit Center
Westside  Bus:
Barbur Blvd
Progress (Wash. Sq.)
I-5 South  Mohawk
Eastside Max:
Cleveland Ave
Greham Garage
Gresham City  Hall
122nd/Menlo  Park
Interstate Max:
Expo Center
Delta  Park

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