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Julie Mikalson mikalson2002 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 4 12:31:48 PDT 2006

1) I was telling some Pub buddies about OEVA and Plug-In America a couple weeks ago, and a Construction Contractor  friend checked out a memory he had of seeing a bunch of outdoor power outlets on poles atthe former _Monkey Wards_ - 

since then he drove in there to look and reports seeing about 10 double plugs (on light poles I think) in the parking area.  He lifteD the cover of one and said it was all dusty & buggy from lack of use - but looked OK.

Does someone want to check these out, and chat with the building Manager at Montgomery Park about adding their location to EV Charging listings? (Could bring them and NW businesses some extra BIZ during charging...)  

If Plugs are in the pay-Parking area, is use of outlets included in rates? 

Can the lot be used overnight by Visitors to Portland?  (buses 15,17 and possibly also  the # 77 go here...and the Streetcar is nearby on 23rd)

Would they like some free Press about this value-added customer service?

2) Also - that major charging location list also asks for occaisional reviews, and details on types of equipment that I can't answer.  In specific, I don't think I saw a recent update for the OEVA meeting location at the World Trade Center.

Can someone add current information, with a map & photo Links? 

Have a great day.  Art in the Pearl awaits. I love September.

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