[Oeva-list] Montgomery Park Plugs (NW pdx)

Eric Johnson ejts at netzero.net
Tue Sep 5 13:32:13 PDT 2006

A couple responses:

First, charging locations are always welcome.  Hopefully, our chrging 
comittee will follow this up.  As we get businesses to provide public-
access charging stations, we intend that they be listed on our site.  
Included there should be links to the providers' web sites.  We have 
to get a few to see how this works out.  It's too bad that someone who 
was there looking at them didn't plug something in to see if they are 
currently live.  However, that isn't too critical, since we'll need 
owner's permission to do anything about it anyway.

As for charging at pay-for parking, that would be up to each parking 
provider.  As far as I know, a few outlets are available at Smart Park 
lots in Portland that do provide charging while parked.  We should 
follow this up and get specific addresses on our list.

Same for overnight use.  Have to ask each location separately.

Second, as for updates to our meeting location, I think you mean the 
charging stations at 1st and Salmon.  They should be updated to 
specify a selection of 240VAC on a NEMA 14-50 or 120VAC on a standard 
AC outlet.  Maps for the charging locations would be good for all, 
too.  Maybe this will get on the list of our volunteer webmaster.

Related to that, I think the station at the Hillsdale Library is and 
AVCON only.  No standard conductive 120 or 240VAC outlets.  I'm sure 
there's some members that can verify this.  It would be nice if it 
were updated on our list.

As things move forward with our charging comittee, these will be 
Eric Johnson
OEVA Co-Chair
Portland, OR

---------- Original Message ----------
1) I was telling some Pub buddies about OEVA and Plug-In America a 
couple weeks ago, and a Construction Contractor  friend checked out a 
memory he had of seeing a bunch of outdoor power outlets on poles 
atthe former _Monkey Wards_ - 

since then he drove in there to look and reports seeing about 10 
double plugs (on light poles I think) in the parking area.  He lifteD 
the cover of one and said it was all dusty & buggy from lack of use - 
but looked OK.

Does someone want to check these out, and chat with the building 
Manager at Montgomery Park about adding their location to EV Charging 
listings? (Could bring them and NW businesses some extra BIZ during 

If Plugs are in the pay-Parking area, is use of outlets included in 

Can the lot be used overnight by Visitors to Portland?  (buses 15,17 
and possibly also the # 77 go here...and the Streetcar is nearby on 

Would they like some free Press about this value-added customer 

2) Also - that major charging location list also asks for occaisional 
reviews, and details on types of equipment that I can't answer.  In 
specific, I don't think I saw a recent update for the OEVA meeting 
location at the World Trade Center.

Can someone add current information, with a map & photo Links? 

Have a great day.  Art in the Pearl awaits. I love September.

Moderator, CheapoGazetteNW

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