[Oeva-list] EVs on KBOO tomorrow (Thursday the 7th)

Eric Johnson ejts at netzero.net
Wed Sep 6 13:48:59 PDT 2006

(I tried sending this earlier, but apparently from the wrong account.  
I appologize for any duplicates.)

Stephanie Potter's interview of Gary and I will air tomorrow 
(September 7th) on KBOO radio on her show "The Recovery Zone".  Her 
theme always relates to problems facing us all and what can be done to 
recover.  OEVA fits quite well.

The half-hour show airs at 10:00AM on the first Thursday of each 
month.  KBOO is on FM 90.7.

I just heard a promo for it on KBOO.  I'm not used to hearing myself 
in that context, but there it was.  At least they're promoting it 

She got over 40 minutes of audio, so it will be edited to fit into a 
half hour.  We think it should come out well.  It will mention our 
meeting next week, so let's all be ready.
Eric Johnson
OEVA Co-Chair
Portland, OR

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