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Wed Sep 13 00:33:43 PDT 2006

Sorry, the Milburn and I won't be making this week's meeting.

We did make it to the Belmont Street Fair last Saturday and it was quite the
time.  Besides the Milburn, Paul Burkey brought his Sparrow and there were
also 2 GEMs (one souped up GEM from the good folks in SE on Division St.).
Also present was an Insight and a TDI Jetta Wagon.

Thanks to local electrons, I was able to spirit the Milburn back to its
stable before dark.

Anyway, I'll be leaving Thursday to attend, for the first time, this year's
SACA (Steam Automobile Club of America) annual convention in Berrien
Springs, Michigan.  I'll miss board meetings on Wednesday and the Thursday
sessions, but will attend Friday morning and Saturday's sessions.  Friday
afternoon's activities are focused on the 9th Annual Great Lakes Steam
Vehicle Time Trials.  This will be an 1/8th mile competition event.  Due to
insurance reasons, it is specifically not a race, but we're calling it a
"one vehicle at a time time trials of 1/8th of a mile, which is 660'.  This
is a standing start acceleration event.  The purpose of this event is to get
some steam vehicles out and runnning and to encourage club members in the
designing and building of new steam powered vehicles"

Anyway (again), I'll take video and pics to share.  I understand the 3-cyl
monotube steam dragster will be there, though I'm told it's not running
quite right---I think it did something like a 70mph 1/8th mile time
before...not sure.

[Myles Twete]

Dig this variant of a hybrid electric cca. 1902:
Haybrid: http://forums.aaca.org/misc/402895-Haybrid.jpg

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