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Sean Hinckley seanhinckley at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 16 09:30:16 PDT 2006

Hi all,
 I'm new to this list and have just some basic questions in an effort to educate myself.
 1.  Are there any "How To" book out there for converting a gas engine auto to electric?  (The library had one book from 1981.  Not helpful and surprising that's all they had.)
 2.  Has anyone done any cost comparison studies on buying and throwing away (when worn out rather than repair) used gas engine vehicles compared to the cost of converting a used gas engine auto to electric and just maintaining that electric auto?  (I save money on a car buy never buying new so arguing that an electric car - converted from a used gas engine - is somehow cheaper than buying a new gas engine car won't convince me.  But if converting a used gas car to electric is as cheap or cheaper than multiple purchases of used gas cars, then I might be convinced.)  [For those who think I should use electric to help save the planet, I agree however; economics being what they are, I am not rich enough to pay the preumiums that auto makers want for hybrids or a practical fully electric car.  (Practical = goes fast enough for the freeway and will get me 300 miles round trip without recharging.)  I don't make enough money to help fund this country's transition from gas to
 electric.  Until and unless electric transportation becomes immediately practical and cheap as gas (cheap in the used gas car sense) that members of the poor lower middle class, like me, can use them for practical transportation (mass transit is not practical, even in Portland, when it takes 45 min. to go by bus where a car can go in 5 even in rush hour - and I think speed limits are suggestions - ) then the process of getting off imported oil or saving the planet will only be a rich man's hobby.  <- All this is not a soap box lecture.  It was intended to be an explanatiion for my perspective on the economics question.]

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