[Oeva-list] Any "How To" books....

Tony McCormick tony at notebene.net
Sat Sep 16 14:48:00 PDT 2006

There are two books published that I know of, both older, but not that old
"From Gasoline to Electric Power, A Conversion Experience" by Gary 
Powers 1997
"Build Your Own Electric Vehicle" by Bob Brant 1994

Powers' book is a light weight journal and Brant's is an engineering 
tome.  Both were helpful to me, but the local in international clubs 
were more helpful.

As to the cost comparison.  I don't know of a particular study since 
this is a hobby field mostly, the International EV mailing list if full 
of people that can overload you with data.  My experience is this:  It 
costs $12,000 to have someone else convert a used late 90's GEO Metro.  
The car itself cost $1000.  You can do it yourself for about 1/2 that.   
The long term fuel and maintenance costs after the conversion can be 
very much smaller than a similar old gas car, IF you did a very good job 
on the conversion and you are careful with the battery pack.  The drive 
train parts have long life.  My fuel costs are about 1 cent per mile.   
My battery pack has needed only 3 of 17 batteries replaced in the last 5 

--Tony McCormick

Sean Hinckley wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm new to this list and have just some basic questions in an effort 
> to educate myself.
> 1.  Are there any "How To" book out there for converting a gas engine 
> auto to electric?  (The library had one book from 1981.  Not helpful 
> and surprising that's all they had.)
> 2.  Has anyone done any cost comparison studies on buying and throwing 
> away (when worn out rather than repair) used gas engine vehicles 
> compared to the cost of converting a used gas engine auto to electric 
> and just maintaining that electric auto?  (I save money on a car buy 
> never buying new so arguing that an electric car - converted from a 
> used gas engine - is somehow cheaper than buying a new gas engine car 
> won't convince me.  But if converting a used gas car to electric is as 
> cheap or cheaper than multiple purchases of used gas cars, then I 
> might be convinced.)  [For those who think I should use electric to 
> help save the planet, I agree however; economics being what they are, 
> I am not rich enough to pay the preumiums that auto makers want for 
> hybrids or a practical fully electric car.  (Practical = goes fast 
> enough for the freeway and will get me 300 miles round trip without 
> recharging.)  I don't make enough money to help fund this country's 
> transition from gas to electric.  Until and unless electric 
> transportation becomes immediately practical and cheap as gas (cheap 
> in the used gas car sense) that members of the poor lower middle 
> class, like me, can use them for practical transportation (mass 
> transit is not practical, even in Portland, when it takes 45 min. to 
> go by bus where a car can go in 5 even in rush hour - and I think 
> speed limits are suggestions - ) then the process of getting off 
> imported oil or saving the planet will only be a rich man's hobby.  <- 
> All this is not a soap box lecture.  It was intended to be an 
> explanatiion for my perspective on the economics question.]
> Thanks!
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