[Oeva-list] Any "How To" books....

Ralph Merwin rmerwin at aracnet.com
Mon Sep 18 05:59:33 PDT 2006

Sean Hinckley writes:
>  1.  Are there any "How To" book out there for converting a gas engine
> auto to electric?  (The library had one book from 1981.  Not helpful and
> surprising that's all they had.)


Three books I know of are:

Convert It by Mike Brown (www.electroauto.com)
Build Your Own Electric Vehicle by David Brandt
The New Electric Vehicles by Michael Hackelman

All are a little dated but still useful.  If you just buy one book I think
Convert It is a good starting point.

>  2.  Has anyone done any cost comparison studies on buying and throwing

The short answer is "probably not".  It's more likely to be cheaper to
buy used cars and drive them til they drop than it is to convert a vehicle
to electric.  It may be possible to run an electric till it drops and have
a cheaper total cost, but so many people end up killing their first pack
that the electric 'drops' earlier than expected.  The trick is to get the
pack to last for several years, and that can be quite a trick.

One approach is to buy an existing conversion.  They typically need new
batteries, and they should be priced accordingly.  Look on the "Trading
Post" section of www.evalbum.com.


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