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I am not a spokes person but just a member. I think I am correct in saying  
the OEVA is a non profit organization that promotes electric vehicles. 
There are no electric vehicles made anymore by the major  manufacturers. It 
is up to the hobbyist to convert vehicles from gas to  electric. Rick is a 
member who is doing this right now and you could see  how to convert to an 
If you want to buy a factory 1998 Ford Ranger EV with new  batteries this can 
be done for 14,500. There are many members who have made or  are making their 
own. If you want to build one there is a lot of support through  the OVEA 
membership and an unlimited amount of cars that need to be  converted.
You can buy an electric vehicle, build it or continue to support the oil  
companies. It all depends what your willing to do to see this change happen. The  
big oil companies are confident most people will just keep giving them money. 
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Can a person buy an electric car  today.  I would seriously like to know.  
What is the OEVA  for?

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Subject: [Oeva-list] ELECTRIC TRACTION  MOTORS - Portland,Oregon Item number: 

On eBay now Lot of (6) Electric Traction Motors
Item number: 160031296591 DC  current - various HP & output - "GE" & "United 
Industries"  Brands 

These are located in Portland auction is at 43.50 
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