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Did you call Interstate Battery? There is one in Portland and one in
Vancouver. The DCS-75BT seems comparable to your Trojan and may be less
expensive. Here is a link to the spec sheet:
Check the other DCS series batteries here:
Rick Barnes
Aloha, OR

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Any one interested in buying the Trojan 24-AGM 80 Ah @ 20C rate. 61 Ah  @ 5C
rate. 10 13/16 inches long 6 5/8 inches Wide 8 7/8 inches High  weight 52
Best price I could find was 105 plus a core charge of 5 dollars if you don't
have a core. This was a few weeks back I hope prices have not gone up since
The Optima D750 Yellow top is 55 Ah @ C/20 rate. Size is 10 long 6.8 inches
wide and 7.8 inches tall weight is 45 pounds. Cost is a lot more than the
Paul would about one inch longer and one inch taller still fit in your
Sparrow? I don't believe Trojan makes a smaller AGM battery.

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