[Oeva-list] AGM Trojan Battery

ron jayasuriya ronjayasuriya at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 21 07:30:21 PDT 2006

I used to have a trade account with Interstate, but it
lapsed when I switched to another supplier.  I'm sure
I could set it up again, or the oeva could set up its
own account (you don't need any money down).  It works
out to about 20% off if I remember correctly.  I would
be happy to extend my discount on parts to anyone
driving or converting an ev.  Most of the stuff I can
get is for Japanese and German imports, but there is
some domestic coverage.  And I am set up at most of
the dealers.

Rick, one warning about the Probe:  be very nice to
your window regulators.  They are N/A from Ford, Mazda
(who built the thing) or any aftermarket.  This means
that when they break, you're done.  But I'm sure a
clever guy like you will find a reasonable solution.


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