[Oeva-list] Should I use an intermittent contactor or a continous for the starter?

Adan Vielma vielma at lclark.edu
Fri Sep 22 08:40:58 PDT 2006

I recently was doing some research into the component design for an ev and have a question on contactors.

For the starter contactor, basically the one that when you turn the key it is activated so that the battery pack power is now connected to the motor controller, would you use an intermittent coil-type contactor or a continuous coil-type one?

The item I'm looking at is the SW-200 Single Pole Single Throw, Normally Open contactor from:

They said they only have the continuous coil-type in stock and not the intermittent. I was a bit confused as to which coil-type is used in normal EV conversions for the starter or other contactors.

If you can answer this question, I'd be more than happy.
Thanks so much!
Adan Vielma
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