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Myles Twete matwete at comcast.net
Wed Sep 27 22:41:45 PDT 2006

Rumors mean nothing if they don't apply.
And of the dozens of us in the OEVA and the EVs we own, you'll probably find
few that are uninsured.
So that alone should dispel those rumors.
And our electric vehicles range from scooters to daily drive cars to antique
EVs to boats.
Probably a half dozen insurers could be found as being used by OEVA members
In my case, I use State Farm for my 1921 Milburn Light Electric.
And it was a snap to get insurance on it---mine is antique vehicle
insurance, so it's not a daily driver.
My boat is insured by Grange Insurance, but that's legacy---it could as well
be State Farm or one of the dozens of boat insurance companies.

In the case of the Milburn, the fact that it's electric was only a curiosity
by my agent.  No issue was made of that or the fact that it has no brake
lights, no turn signals, no seatbelts or steering wheel.

Again, I don't think EVers are driving uninsured and our numbers are
growing.  Insurance companies want to sell insurance.

So don't let a rumor stop you from buying or building an EV.

-Myles Twete, Portland, Or.
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  I'm hearing rumors that it is hard to get insurance for electric vehicles.
Anyone on this list have the real scoop?

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