[Oeva-list] Pioneer Square Commercial Exhibits

Mark Freidberg mark58150 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 1 21:25:23 PDT 2007

So only EVs, PHEVs, and pedal-electrics. That's fine with me.

Ralph Merwin <rmerwin at aracnet.com> wrote:
Remember, this is "Electric Vehicle Awareness Day".

With that in mind, I'd like to suggest a simple filter: if it has a
plug, it qualifies. As stated on the back of the OEVA T-Shirts:
"It's not electric if you can't plug it in!"

So, no hybrids, no "extra super ultra low emmission vehicles", etc.
Ditto for pedal-only vehicles. They may be interesting, but they're
not electric.


OEVA Treasurer writes:
> So no regular hybrids? Or commercial hybrid exhibitor (car dealer) fee would
> be higher (how much, then)?
> Rick
>> Mark Freidberg write:
>> I'd like to offer one vehicle criterion to help establish the focus of EV
>> awareness day, and that would be EV, PHEV, and pedal-electric vehicles.
>> Pedal-only designs might be of interest too if someone wanted to do that.
>> Prospective vehicle displays should be representative of one of these
>> categories. 
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