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Sat Apr 21 00:39:13 PDT 2007

Hi Fellow EVers,

I have had my 1998 Chevy S10 EV w/ NiMH for 7 weeks now and I have put 1080
miles on it with zero emissions.  I have saved about $180 compared
to driving my old SUV.  I commute in it daily and my wife drives it for
occasional errands.  I have been logging my distance traveled and the amount
of charge used for each trip.  I have averaged a (normalized - see note
below) range of 71 miles per charge.  My best trip was a normalized range of
93 miles.  My worst trip was the first day with a normalized range of only
39 miles.

You can see the results here:


To compare the efficiency of trips that are different distances, I am
'normalizing' the range (how far would I have gotten at this efficiency
if 100% of the charge were used).  I realize that the batteries performs
differently depending on the SOC, but this was the best way I could think of
to compare a cross town trip to a short errand.

A few of the more interesting trips:
Days 1 - I didn't yet know how to EV drive (I was lead footing it) and I
made it home with only 7% charge
3/12/2007 a short trip of 7.4 miles to soccer practice only used 8%
charge that resulted in a normalized range of 93 miles!
3/25/2007 was my longest trip of 34.7 miles and I still had 52% left when I
plugged in.
My commutes are relatively flat and have the best average compared to other

Let me know if you see any formula errors or think another stat would be
helpful.  I'll send out an update when I hit the one year mark.

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