[Oeva-list] thoughts wanted--EVs and renewable energy / global warming

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My first response bounced, here it is again without the attachment.

>From: Gary Graunke <gary at whitecape.org>
>Subject: [Oeva-list] thoughts wanted--EVs and renewable energy / global
>So your comments on the relationship between clean electric power and
>EV's, or why cleaner electric generation is helpful to the
>transportation solution, etc, are welcome!

one point to make is that EVs powered by renewable electric power, do not
result in farm land being diverted from food crops to fuel crops.  This is a
heated ethical debate in the ethanol camp, which solar (wind, hydro...)
powered EVs avoids completely.

> cute pictures for a presentation are most helpful!

I have attached a picture that Stephen W. (cced) posted on the S-10 EV
mailing list.  It is great because it shows
1) this can be done today
2) has high gas prices and a pile of polluting cars in the background making
for clear juxtapositioning.

Also, if you'd like a little joke, here is a relevant one I saw:
"71% of the population believe in global warming,  while the other 29% are
still trying to resolve the 'Earth is flat' debate."

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