[Oeva-list] Welding plastic?

Jerry McIntire jerry.mcintire at comcast.net
Fri Apr 27 00:22:42 PDT 2007

The good news: our Dodge TEVan arrived today, and after changing the  
receptacle on my 240V outlet we were able to start charging.  Drove  
it on the 9 mile roundtrip to REI and all went well!  This thing has  
lots of cooling fans (even during charging), and a bit of controller  
whine so overall it's noisier than my 1993 US Electricar conversion  
(DC motor, as is this one).

The bad news:  when loading it on the carrier in Maryland, they  
bumped the water reservoir for the automatic battery watering system  
and cracked it.  All the water left-- it's a small divot, and I would  
like to have it repaired.  Is there a plastic welder in Portland?   
Any other ideas?  This reservoir is a custom item made for Dodge-- I  
don't think I could find a new one, and I wouldn't want to price one.

I hope to visit the Wayland Juice Bar soon, and plan to attend the  
next OEVA meeting.



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