[Oeva-list] Welding plastic?

Myles Twete matwete at comcast.net
Fri Apr 27 08:21:09 PDT 2007

Do you still own a plastic welder or did you sell it?

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Congratulations on the new EV!  Hopefully you'll bring it to the next
OEVA meeting.

On the plastic repair, try calling Tap Plastics.  They probably don't
do the welding, but may be able to either suggest an alternative or
suggest someone that does plastic welding.


Jerry McIntire writes:
> The good news: our Dodge TEVan arrived today, and after changing the  
> receptacle on my 240V outlet we were able to start charging.  Drove  
> it on the 9 mile roundtrip to REI and all went well!  This thing has  
> lots of cooling fans (even during charging), and a bit of controller  
> whine so overall it's noisier than my 1993 US Electricar conversion  
> (DC motor, as is this one).
> The bad news:  when loading it on the carrier in Maryland, they  
> bumped the water reservoir for the automatic battery watering system  
> and cracked it.  All the water left-- it's a small divot, and I would  
> like to have it repaired.  Is there a plastic welder in Portland?   
> Any other ideas?  This reservoir is a custom item made for Dodge-- I  
> don't think I could find a new one, and I wouldn't want to price one.
> I hope to visit the Wayland Juice Bar soon, and plan to attend the  
> next OEVA meeting.
> Thanks,
> Jerry
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