[Oeva-list] NEDRA Nationals Racer/Exhibitor Head Count

Roy LeMeur roylemeur at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 3 21:58:11 PDT 2007

Hi Folks

Though I have used the words_unprecedented interest_ to describe the current 
media frenzy surrounding the NEDRA 10th Anniversary Nationals in the press 
release and elsewhere, the words _awesome_ and _unbelievable_ are more 

Media organizations worldwide are contacting NEDRA for more info. There 
should be at least three film crews from Europe there, not to mention folks 
from many major US media outlets.

You don't have to be a hard-core drag racer to compete here.

These are the -run-what-you-brung- nights at PIR. The NHRA "Late Night 
NEDRA racers go head-to-head with all the other drag racers.

There are kids running mom's station wagon down the dragstrip there.

Of course, and it goes without saying, that well-performing EVs are more 
desirable, but everyone is more than welcome and encouraged to compete. (See 
the rules at www.nedra.com, most conversion EVs with a well-secured battery 
pack should be OK, the only real add-on might be the required emergency 
disconnect at the rear of the vehicle. A quick and easy fix)

If you don't want to compete, please drive it or tow it on down there and be 
on display right next to the charging area/media pit. Charging is available 
on-site. The show-and-tell will go on all night. [$8 spectator admission fee 
to the track includes your vehicle]

If you intend to compete at this EVent (or have your EV on display) please 
raise your hand by using your keyboard here on this list or by private 

Please let me know if you intend to be there with an EV, racing or not.

The one thing we need more than anything else is as many vehicles in 
competition as possible.

There are prizes!

There is [some] prize money!

If you really want to help, join NEDRA, be a sponsor, or simply show up as 
an electric vehicle enthusiast/spectator.

(You must be a NEDRA member to get a NEDRA record or prizes. Otherwise... 
any vehicle that passes tech inspection can run)

Please hammer those vehicles together and get 'em there.


Roy LeMeur
NEDRA Northwest Regional Director

See what you’re getting into…before you go there 

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