[Oeva-list] Signing up for EV awareness day???

Bryan bryan at photonlight.com
Mon Aug 6 17:56:15 PDT 2007

Is there any designated (i.e. free) place to park tow vehicles this 
year?  Or, failing that, any recommended place to park them?


Ralph Merwin wrote:

>There isn't a formal registration - just show up.  You enter on SW 6th Ave,
>between Yamhill and Morrison.  I'm not sure of the official opening time,
>but if you got there about 9:00 it should be OK.  Just make sure to drive
>slowly while crossing the sidewalk.  If someone is already there they could
>help guide you in.
>Charging is usually in the corner near SW 6th and Morrison, and most cars
>park near there too ( in a line parallel to Morrison), or in lines further
>out.  Since there only a few charging spots, the protocol is to charge and
>then move your car elsewhere.
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