[Oeva-list] dashdaq - linux microprocessor dashboard guage system

Tony McCormick tony at notebene.net
Fri Aug 10 12:00:04 PDT 2007

I saw this is LinuxJournal and thought EVer's would find it cool...


The DashDAQ™ is in a class by itself. It is a cross between a data
acquisition system, flight data recorder, diagnostic tool, automotive
gauge, instrument cluster, trip computer, and a handheld computer.
DashDAQ™ uses a high performance processor to run Linux and drive a high
resolution color display. DashDAQ is an HMI that allows the operator to
communicate with in-vehicle networks, OBD2, Analog sensors, serial
devices, USB devices, and more. Cutting edge design and high volume
manufacturing allows Drew Tech to offer the DashDAQ™ technology in a
compact and affordable package.

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