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There are a few more Rangers driving around the area that use this type  of 
plug. I know of three that were all have been used  daily. There could be 
others if more people were interested in driving  electric I still have a couple of 
Rangers and S-10 trucks. The S-10 can use  the Avcon with the adapter.
I too thought the Library was not the first  place I would put only a 240 
charger. The should have added 120 and I don't  remember seeing one. Must have 
been mandatory for funding the building. Not  being available 24/7 really is a 
big down side to this location.
I would not require a business to install  EV locations but I would like it 
if they did it on their own. I put in a Avcon  and it has been used several 
times by local drivers at night. I offered parking  spots to my employees with 
free charging and no one was interested. 
I have been emailing and called Rick Durst at  PGE. I really felt the park 
and rides charging locations would be a huge. I  have offered to sponsor the 17 
locations if that is what it takes to make it  happen. Its not that we have an 
excess of money but I really feel this would  make a difference for Oregon. I 
would like the city of Portland to do something  about the bike lanes being 
safer. I wish it was an easy fix as putting in  charging locations.
On the Park and Rides I have not heard anything  and it has been a long time. 
Anyone know of  another way of contacting Rick?

Theoldcars at aol.com writes:
> An 
> employee  was closing up and said I was the first vehicle they have ever
> seen  using it.

As an aside, this is exactly why I think it's counter  productive to lobby
businesses to install EV charging - the charging spot  sits there unused
most of the time.

Places like the library don't make  sense for EV charging spots because
they aren't the sort of place people  spend much time at.  I'd bet that
most people visiting the library are  there for no more than 30 minutes.
I'd also bet that most people visiting the  library are already close to
home, so if they have an EV it's either almost  fully charged (just leaving
home) or they're almost home anyway so why bother  charging here for just
a few minutes?

When I first heard about this  charging spot, I wondered why they installed
a charging spot, and why they  went with an Avcon.  I have an Avcon and I
think Don and maybe one other  person in Portland have Avcons - hardly much
of a "target customer  base"!

People generally spend most of their time at home or at  work.  Most people
have the ability to charge at home, even if just with  120v, but most work
locations don't have, or don't allow, access to exterior  power.

I think that any lobbying efforts should go towards getting  employers to
install charging spots for employees.  I'd love to see  employer incentives
from a group like the Energy Trust of Oregon that pay (or  help pay) for the
installation costs.  There might also need to be  legislation that requires
employers to install charging spots if requested,  perhaps having the
employee (or the Energy Trust) pay some or all of the  cost.



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Ralph Merwin wrote:

> I think  that any lobbying efforts should go towards getting employers to
> install  charging spots for employees.

I agree; I raised the same issue on a new  local corvallis ev list, whom 
our new mayor is even on.  The argument  for them is it increases the 
visibility of EVs as an option, though I think  they make even less sense 
here in Corvallis, where you can go completely  across town a couple of 
times in 20  miles...


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