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Hi David and all,
I teach at Willamette High School in Eugene and half of my teaching load is in a hands on engineering course that we design, build, race, modify, etc. Electrathon Vehicles along with many other projects.  These are ultra light "go carts" that are raced to see who can go the farthest on 67 pounds of non-leaking standard lead acid batteries.  Most are 24 volt with 3 high pressure bike tires.  This year we built 14 of them and have built as many as 22 in one year.
We are also in the Eugene parade on the 8th, as we have been for the last several years.  We are usually toward the front of it so we can be packed up and leave as soon as it is over to set up a track for our race that afternoon.  You may want to see about getting spaced in front or behind us if you want to have your street legal and other electrics together for a bigger impact.
Also for fun if you care to see a race we are racing at the back parking lot at Valley River Center on Saturday from 5:00 to 6:00 and on Sunday from 11:00 to 12:00.  Willamette should have 8 to 12 cars there plus another 10 to 25 from around Oregon and Washington.  The cars usually only go about 25 miles in the hour at this course because it has 5--180 degree corners and not much in the way of straights.  On some races these vehicles can travel over 50 miles in the hour on just 2 small red top Optima style batteries.  Hope to see some of you at the races.  Would love to have anyone asking questions or gathering information to build a car to compete or just to watch.  I will be the bald guy in shorts trying to get everything set up and organized.
David if you want any more information let me know,


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We are organizing a contingent of EVs to roll in the Eugene Celebration Parade on the morning of Sept. 8.  We have some two, three, and four-wheelers lined up.  If anybody is interested in participating in this or future Lane County events, please contact me. 

David Hazen
innercom at peak.org

4349 Shadow Wood Drive
Eugene, Oregon 97405-5865

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