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Dear Mr. Barnes,

My name is Keoki Noji from the Shidler College of Business at the 
University of Hawaii at Manoa.  I am working on an MBA project in 
collaboration with the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering 
departments at UH.  We are currently developing a new liquid cooling 
heat sink and are looking for feedback from experts in the field.  We 
have created a short online survey (10 minutes, 14 questions) aimed to 
identify any possible benefit for your organization and members from 
utilizing our new and proprietary technology.  In addition, the survey 
should also highlight potential cost saving opportunities.  In return 
for your input, we are willing to deliver a summary of our findings to 
you free of charge.  Also, all information provided on your part will 
be kept strictly confidential and used for analysis in aggregate only. 
No individual firms will be identified in any way.

Here is the link for the survey: 

Also, if we should be speaking with someone else within your 
organization regarding this topic or if you have additional contacts 
that could assist us in our efforts, we would appreciate it if you 
could give us their contact information.  Thank you very much for your 
time.  (If you would like more information, I can be contacted at 
knoji at hawaii.edu or by phone at 808-284-1340).  Thank you again.

Keoki Y. Noji
University of Hawaii at Manoa
knoji at hawaii.edu

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