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I forwarded the OEVA responses, here is the reply.....

Rick Barnes
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Thank you for your response to my email.

You are correct, I am relatively new to electric cars.  You are also correct
in that 
part of the motivation of re-drive will be to make money.  Building the
will require capital, capital requires investors, investors require return.

OK, let's compare strategies for getting BEVs out there to the public,
awareness and interest.  I am going to have a BEV built and take it all
around the 
country, both in "spontaneous displays in public locations" (guerrila
in a way), and at various "Green festivals" and wherever large numbers of
interested in the environment or technology or are just geeks gather.  Star
conventions.  Anywhere I think I can get attention for the technology.

If this seems flawed somehow, I'd love to here your plans:  Where have you
taking your BEV?  What is your network like?  What are your long-term plans
marketing the viability of BEVs?  You say the information is out there, what
you plans for presenting it to Joe Public?  How are you working to reach

Your compatriot spoke of needing "...for the technological, political and 
economic hurdles to be overcome leading to better acceptance and performance

of EVs of today and tomorrow.  We DO need the electric utilities to be on
side again."  What are your plans for making this happen?  What are your
in the next five years?

I apologize if my introductory email was unclear.  The solution is not me or
site or my concepts for the business and what needs to be done to market
(both as an ideal and a product).  If that were the case I wouldn't have
you, being omnipotent and all.  Obviously, I need the help of associations
yours to create a viable network.  I am not looking for cows. I am looking
intelligent people around the country to network with and make owning an 
electric car a more viable option than it is now.

I reached out to your organization in good faith.  I am building a network, 
maybe that will be a network of a hundred electric car associations around
country that brings thousands of people around to BEVs.  Maybe it will be a 
network of twenty associations around the country that brings hundreds of 
people around to BEVs, but I am going to do this and for reasons both to
keep a 
roof over my head and altrustic ones.  Idealism and a pragmatism can be 
combined and if that's laughable, then I can live with that.

Thanks again for your well thought out response, I wish you the greatest 
success with your association.


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