[Oeva-list] Lee's BMS Taking Orders now.

Theoldcars at aol.com Theoldcars at aol.com
Tue Mar 13 21:05:34 PST 2007

I have exchanged a few emails with Lee on how to proceed. 
Lee recommended we set a date of 30 days. 
Lets make it April 15. 
Orders will be recognized with a deposit of 50 percent of an estimated  
price. Checks will be held until just before production is started.  When parts are 
done balance would be due before shipment. 
Prices will be just what they cost to build and ship to you. If someone  
decides not to follow though with an order? The complete unpaid order would have  
to be sold to someone else before refunding any money.
Don Blazer
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steveclunn at bellsouth.net writes:

> From: brian baumel <trekmandude at yahoo.com>
> Date:  2007/03/12 Mon AM 11:23:06 EST
> To: ev at listproc.sjsu.edu
>  Subject: Lee's BMS?
> hello everyone,
> is there an order  in the process for some of Lee
> Hart's BMS boards?? 
I'm hoping that  the group that is getting this order will or can work 
together to get things  going without bothering Lee to much , if at all . It is easy 
for people like  Lee , Rich and Ot to get way overloaded with questions and 
then never get  anything done .. So for there sake we need to help each other 
as a group as  much as possible and only bother them when we can't as a group 
figure out  somthing .. 

if so I'd be interested! I'll need
> two relay  boards (string of 10+1)and naturally the
> control board. who do I make  the check out to and for
> how much? 
ah and so it begines ,,, I  didn't keep up with the last build ,, it went off 
list but this time I'm in  for the ride , 

>I may need a little help in the programming,
Me  to , I've never done any 

> but I've done some PIC programming  before...
hope we can work together , and not wear Lee out ... we need him  for other 
stuff .  

Lee last I heard Mr C was going to get 2  .   

Steve Clunn  I like the phone also so you can call  me 772 971 0533

> Brian B.
> 81' Bradley  GTII
> --- Lee Hart <leeahart at earthlink.net>  wrote:
> > steveclunn at bellsouth.net wrote:
> > >  HI Lee I have sombody interested (as I am) in
> > putting together  one
> > > of your bms's. I know you needed 10 orders to  pay
> > for the boards.
> > > I could get 5 controller  boards if this would help
> > make an order.
> > 
>  > Yes, that would certainly push us "over the hump"! I
> > still  have your 
> > deposit check for one, but would probably replace  it
> > before actually 
> > ordering (it's probably not good  any more).
> > 
> > The Relay boards are done and ready to  order. The
> > Control board could be 
> > done if I quit  tweaking it (time to shoot the
> > engineer).
> > 
>  > So, let me know if this is a serious order for 5,
> > and I'll  proceed 
> > accordingly.
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