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Wed Mar 14 14:58:52 PST 2007

Lee has asked for an email describing what you want below in Green. 
I have sent this to everyone who has responded. In case I missed anyone I  
included the EV list. I am also going to send this on to some other list that  
this balancer would really help with.
1. Question below by Paul can we add temperature probes?
2. In a prior email in red below Lee brought up saving manufacturing  cost.  
The above one and two going different directions. I would be for spending  
the extra money for more options. I have little doubt in a short time we will be 
 working with lithium batteries. Heat is a critical factor with them as well 
as  other battery technologies. The savings I am for is producing more so the  
cost is reduced. 
Please respond to all to keep everyone informed.
Thank you
In a message dated 3/14/2007 1:11:15 PM Pacific Daylight Time,  
paul.wallace at intel.com writes:


The design as it stands doesn't have enough temperature  probe ports for 
NiMh.  I think that we need one probe per  battery.  It is probably 
possible to add a multiplexer for multiple  temperature probes and let 
the stamp select them at the same time it is  selecting the battery it is 
going to measure voltage  on.


> Specifically, the old control board used an  external digital multimeter 
> with isolated RS-232 output to measure  battery voltage and current. They 
> cost $50-$100. I'm experimenting with  a cheaper on-board circuit to do 
> this (since everyone is obsessed with  cost).
Yes, there's an order in the works. I'm trying to work  out the final 
details, and figure out how many to order, and what features  people 
want/need. Stay tuned!

What would help is if interested  parties send me an email describing 
what they want;

1. Bare boards  only (with schematics and parts lists)

2. Parts kits (boards with parts,  which you assemble yourself)

3. Assembled boards (which you just need to  be put into a box)

On the software side, I don't have the time/resources  to supply more 
than a demo program (what I'm using for my own EV). You will  need to 
change the program to suit your battery pack (number of batteries,  
voltage per battery), the balancing method you want to use (if different  
from mine), and other auxiliary functions (like temperature measurement,  
charger control, fan control, heater control, etc.) So, I would suggest  
that you buy your own BASIC Stamp with its development kit, so you can  
make these changes.

Time: This is a side project for me. I have a  backlog of other contracts 
ahead of this one that I need to finish first, so  delivery is probably 
going to be 2-3 months.

Note: Just saying you  want one won't make it so. Serious orders only! 
It's too expensive a project  for me to order all the parts on the CHANCE 
that you MIGHT buy it. Once I  know how many we need, then I can quote a 
price. When folks pay for it, I  place the orders.

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