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Subject: Could you please post this WANTED AD in your EV club's newsletter?

Dear electric vehicle association webmaster or newsletter editor:

Could you please post this WANTED AD in your EV club's newsletter? Thanks in

Yours truly,

R o b  M a t t h i e s
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Wanted: Donation Electric car, truck,  or scooter,  even without batteries

Hi, we're looking for an EV donation vehicle to be used as a data-logging
project for Revived Batteries (see link below) and to go on a
roadshow/demonsration in the war against Climate Change. Batteries not
included, as the joke goes, because we've got plenty of free batteries.

Do you have a mothballed EV? An EV with weak or dying batteries? If you read
the new book, "Lives Per Gallon", you'll understand why this project is
important. Thanks for all replies. 

Here's the website for our first revived battery electric vehicle project: 

We've learned a lot in the last month, and we are very close to be able to
create battery packs that will have a running cost that is only half that of
gasoline vehicles. (Right now, except for our revived-battery vehicle, an
EV's battery depreciation costs alone 2X-10X that of using gasoline in a
Toyota Tercel. The remaining job in EV development is to lower the battery
cost. In our particular case, there is only one remaining challenge: We've
already run several electric bikes on revived batteries reliably for years
-- now, we'd like to fully transfer this knowhow to cars/trucks. ) 

Please call Rob at  ( 6 0 4 ) 7 3 9 - 7 7 1 7

Have you read the new book, "Lives Per Gallon"?

Please help to spread the word about 
'no cost' batteries for electric/gas vehicles:


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