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Wed Mar 28 05:09:53 PDT 2007

The Go-One looks really neat. For anyone interested in other similar vehicles too here are some photos and info. on the Twike and the Cab Bike. 
  And on the light side, here's a photo of someone braver then I taking their Twike right out into the middle of it:
Gary Graunke <gary at whitecape.org> wrote:
  I agree that we should cover as many events as we can. Last year we did 
two, and some years we have done three on Earth Day.

At the last minute, I signed up for a booth at the Woodlawn Park Earth 
Day (a 5 X 10 under a tent) on April 21. We should get a display 
together again, and I have the usual handouts from the EAA. We might 
also have books (Brandt, Brown, Boschert, etc) for folks to peruse. We 
can do the same at the Beaverton event.

Hopefully we can get a few vehicles to both the Woodlawn Park Alt 
Transpo Fair as well as the Beaverton event. (We probably should look 
into helping out more with organizing this, but everyone is so busy!).

On Pioneers Square, I met with them the morning after our last meeting. 
I've tenatively set it up for commerical interests allowed: this costs 
us a bit more, but we can also get tents and tables. We should solicit a 
modest contribution (say $50) from businesses in return for the 
publicity. We need a volunteer (did I hear Mr. Barnes who was interested 
in this?) to shop around for interest, and this also means that we 
should do more advance PR work. If we don't have enough interest, we can 
drop back to the regular purely non-profit, informational only status.

I also looked into the cost of adding music (yes, I know, we really 
think it is not a good idea for this event). It would mean that we would 
have to rent pretty much all of the square (not just the two corners 
that we usually rent), which adds about $1000 to the cost. At least I 
checked into it.

So I think we are prepared to do as much work and as many events as we 
have volunteers to staff them. We'll talk about it some more at the 
April meeting, but feel free to contact me if we need to do anything 
before then (besides sign up for the Beaverton event and the parade).


PS, Still really busy "changing batteries" on my EV Insight. I now have 
the 1610 A123 cells and the FR4 is on the way to build the batteries.

PPS: Mostly likely my next EV: http://www.go-one.us/ (I need the 
exercise, and range is pretty good on just a few batteries).

Paul A Burkey wrote:

> Hi All,
> I think we should try to cover as many events on April 21st as we can, 
> so we can get more people know about OEVA.
> For April:
> April 21st
> New Request!
> The City of Beaverton, OR is holding a Neighborhood Summit on Saturday,
> April 21st from 9 a.m. to Noon at City Hall and the topic
> is "Living Greener: Practical Solutions for You and How Your City and
> Regional Partners Can Help!" We will be having several presentations
> and are inviting local businesses and organizations to provide
> displays for attendees to take a look at. With that said, we would
> like to have the Oregon Electric Vehicles Association provide a booth
> for the event or bring along a few cars to showcase outside of City Hall.
> The presentations are all booked, but your participation with a booth 
> inside
> and/or a few electric cars to display outside would be great.
> If this sounds like something that you might be interested in please give
> me a call at (503) 526-2543 or send me an email. Thanks
> for your time and consideration.
> Jason Wachs, Program Coordinator
> City of Beaverton Neighborhood Program
> April 21st
> This was announced again last meeting.
> A friend just returned from Los Angeles and heard Ed Begley speak with 
> passion about EVs, and he also showed off his sizable new EV. An 
> AMAZING array of alternative vehicles were present. Shall we re-create 
> the event - in April?
> to wit:
> A major Earth Day 2007 event is Scheduled for a mid April Saturday,
> in Woodlawn Park - in Northeast Portland. Anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 
> attendees are expected, depending on weather and level of community 
> involvement in promotion. An excellent children's area is always part 
> of this event.
> An Alternative Transportation Fair exhibition opportunity exists,
> & also I believe that a Coordinator (or Co-Coordinators)
> for the Alternative Transportation Fair are needed to organize
> and help promote something really special.
> Does anyone active with OEVA have interest in making this happen?
> Here is an overview:
> Better Transportation Fair Goals: create better transportation fair, 
> communicate with exhibitors, work with design and logistics people/ 
> Job Description: communicate with other coordinators, outreach to 
> participants, work with publicity. Roles: one coordinator Time-line: 
> January: contact participants. February: work with design committee. 
> April: coordinate at the event. Other committees: design, logistics, 
> publicity. Needs/Resources: Contact Information.
> Past photos and a meeting sign-up email list are at 
> http://www.cityrepair.org/wiki.php/projects/earthday
> Maybe a screening of WKTEC (with a Q & A session) can also happen as 
> part of the Earth Day weekend, or pass out tickets for a subsequent 
> date ? ( For Earth Day we hope to have use of Woodlawn Elem. School, 
> Woodlawn Park Methodist Church & Community Resource Center, and the 
> Village Ballroom, on NE Dekum much of the weekend, as well as the Park 
> and neighboring streets) Partnership in fund-raising ideas/grants is 
> encouraged.
> Julie Mikalson
> Volunteer, Earth Day 2007
> Recent earth day Planning meeting notes are here:
> http://www.cityrepair.org/wiki.php/projects/earthday/2007.woodlawn.park
> For July:
> It’s time to start thinking about the Hillsboro Rotary’s 4^th of July 
> Parade! This year, parade registration is now on the web, accessible 
> via a link from the Club’s home page: www.hillsbororotary.org 
> or by going directly to 
> www.hillsbororotary.org/parade 
> . We have also added some 
> general information/instructions to provide you with as much 
> information in advance as possible.
> We look forward to having you join us once again this year as we 
> celebrate “The Spirit of Discovery” on July 4^th with the Hillsboro 
> community. Please complete your registration as early as possible so 
> that we can be sure to save you a spot in our lineup.
> Thank you!
> Deanna Palm
> President
> Greater Hillsboro Area Chamber of Commerce
> 5193 N.E. Elam Young Parkway, Suite A
> Hillsboro, OR 97124
> Direct: 503 726-2146
> Office: 503 648-1102 ext. 146
> Paul Burkey
> Ongoing Events Chair**
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