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I would definitely add:

MC Electric (http://www.mcev.biz/) In Seattle and Portland
	(lots of different NEVs)
Grants Pass Electric Vehicles (http://www.gpev.us/) in Grants Pass
	(ZAP and others, does lots of really impressive custom mods)
Electric Wheels (http://www.electricwheelsinc.com/) in Salem
	(ZAP and Myers, basic stuff)


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Subject: [Oeva-list] Pioneer Square Commercial Exhibits
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How many exhibitors will we need to break even? Will we need to limit space
for the exhibitors? What is the max number space will allow? I would be
happy to coordinate this, but need help soliciting exhibitors. Who would be
willing to participate?
Potential commercial exhibitors:
- EV Parts
- Metric Mind
- Manzanita Micro
- Cafe Electric
- Electrifying Times
- Commuter Cars Corporation
- Battery distributor like Interstate
- Dutchman Motorsports
- Hi Torque Electric
Who else?

Rick Barnes

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