[Oeva-list] Plug-in Hybrid EV For Sale

Tim Johnson timj.pdx at verizon.net
Wed Nov 21 07:56:13 PST 2007

*P**lug-in Hybrid EV Conversion for Sale*

This unique conversation is based on a 1988 Mitsubishi 'BigMax' pickup. 
The most recent service included new tires, a complete suspension 
re-work and shock absorbers. It has a locking 'Fleer' canopy.

It has two on-board chargers (220V and 110V). It has an on-board 7KW 
generator that can be used to power the 220V charger. The 110V battery 
changer has been tuned to only draw 12A, so it can be used with 
virtually any 110V circuit.

The body is generally pretty straight with no major dents or scratches 
in the paint.

It has been a dependable vehicle and has been my daily driver for the 
past two years. I just have too many 'hobbies'. I have started replacing 
the battery pack and I have replaced 8 batteries in the last few months. 
It is clear that it's time to replace the other 12. Digital pictures 
available on request.

    Meter:                  E-Meter
    Battery Pack:           20 Trojan T145 (6 Volt)
    On-board Generator:     7KW (220V 30Amp)
    Controller:             Curtis 1231C
    On-board Chargers (2):  220V Zivan NG5
                            110V Zivan NG3

    *$8,900 OBO*

Tim Johnson     Scuba Diver        
   (503) 629-8625   (Home)
   (503) 757-9012   (Cell)    

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