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Mark Freidberg mark58150 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 30 08:32:14 PST 2007

Thanks to Pat for posting about EVS-23.
  Its been interesting to periodically review the EVS-23 Ride&Drive page in recent months. One can see what it looks like now here:  http://www.electricdrive.org/evs23/index.php?tg=articles&topics=216#art1282.
  As was mentioned at the last OEVA meeting, General Motors is the indicated sponsor of the Ride&Drive. Only fairly recently have a number of confirmed vehicles been added to the list.
  It was also noted with some humor that G.M. recently put *their* vehicles at the top of the list.
  More importantly, the other shoe finally dropped this week when Exxon-Mobil delivered their press release indicating that they'll be unveiling "new battery technology" at EVS-23. A simple Google search can show you how widely that information was disseminated in the press. Below is a link from Reuters:

patrick0101 at gmail.com wrote:
  The International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition (EVS) is Anaheim, CA, December 2-5. 
  Tesla, Phoenix, AC Propulsion, Modec, Nilar, A123, GS Yuasa, Valence, Enova, UQM, Electrovaya, Maxwell and many others including all the major (ICE) auto makers will be there.
  Topics include: Ultracapacitors, Public Policy BEV Batteries, Optimizing Strategies, Propulsion Research, Sustainability & Environment, Two- and Three- Wheel Vehicles, Fuel Cells, Propulsion Systems, Marketing. 
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