[Oeva-list] Smart Car.... Perhaps, Perhaps not

Steven Lough stevenslough at comcast.net
Sun Oct 7 09:16:24 PDT 2007

This very car was at the Microsoft/Cascadia conference earlier this 
year, along with a Li-Ion powered motor cycle which was quite cool.  Got 
to drive the motor cycle a little.

This company, is in a gray area kind of, according to everyone I have 
talked to.  That is to say...  well...   not well established, always 
trying to engage investors, etc.  Their products are flashy.  I have 
also seen a Chrysler CrossFire, they suposidly converted...

I would be careful...

Then again, it might be just fine...   I don't know where you would get 
service or technical help if something went wrong...
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