[Oeva-list] OEVA meeting this week - October11th

Eric Johnson ejts at sysmatrix.net
Mon Oct 8 18:37:04 PDT 2007

It's time again for our monthly meeting.  Thursday, October 11th, 2007.  All should remember that everyone, member or not, is welcome to attend our meetings.

All is per normal.  Gathering usually starts a little after 7:00PM and 
the meeting starts at 7:30PM.  2 World Trade Center at 1st and Salmon 
in SW Portland.  The courtyard will be open to display vehicles and 
provide some charging.  The streetside charging will also be available 
just across 1st Ave.

Remember that we have one difference this month.  The meeting date and time will be normal, Thursday, Oct. 11th, but we won't have a room.  All should plan to have our meeting in the courtyard by the vehicles.  This would be a good time for anyone who wanted to show details of a vehicle to do so.  We'll see if the alternate room is available, but plan on hanging out outside.  Good day to bring vehicles, since everyone will be close for the whole meeting (most likely).

Remember that I scheduled the room and courtyard for December (the 13th), so we'll have a meeting that month unless the membership would rather not.

Please feel free to bring information, questions and vehicles!  Again, 
non-OEVA-members are more than welcome!

I may not be there.  I'll have to see how the doctor's schedule work out.  My wife just started her fourth chemo regimen and will get a port installed most likely Thursday.  I've had to cut back on other activities (with only one notable exception), and may be otherwise engaged Thursday.

Have a good meeting, whether I'm there or not!
Eric Johnson
OEVA Co-chair
Portland, OR


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