[Oeva-list] Question on wiring relays

Rick Barnes barnes.rick at verizon.net
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Here is a link to the datasheet:


AB is the coil

1 nc 1

4no 1

7c 1

3 nc 2

6 no 2

9 c 2


Rick Barnes

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Hi All, 


My 1993 Saturn SL2 conversion is moving along and I'm at the point where I'm
working on the final wiring.  So, in looking over everything I got from
Electro-Automotive, I have 2 different kinds of relays.  Some are a more
simple Bosch relay with 4 posts. From the Convert It book and the notes they
sent along, I can figure out how to wire these ones.  


But the other relays (for key switch and charger interlock) have 8 posts.
These are Potter Brumfield KUHP-11D51-12 for the key switch and
KUHP-11D51-120 for the charger interlock. 2 posts appear to be set aside
from the other 6 and have no labels.  The others have numbers 1,3,4,6,7,9 by


Has anyone had experience wiring these types of relays?   Any help would be
greatly appreciated.


I've gotten the vacuum pump installed last weekend, the battery racks are
all in place and the batteries and cables are going in now.  I should have
all the 120 V wiring done by this weekend and am down the getting the low
volt wiring and gages. Oh, and the charger.   Wow, it is getting close.  I
can't wait to bring her down to the meeting.


See you all on Thursday.


Mike Drewry



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