[Oeva-list] From our web site: A Talk on Solar Power, and more

Eric Johnson ejts at sysmatrix.net
Tue Oct 23 20:42:52 PDT 2007

Here's something that you all may be interested in.  Excuse me for deviating a little from our real focus.

The November 4th presentation will also be at the main PDX library.  Contact Chris directly with any questions or comments.
Eric Johnson
OEVA Co-Chair
Portland, OR

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Hi Eric - I wonder if you would consider sending this out to your group
members on my behalf  since they may be interested in it . Feel free to
call if you have any questions. Thanks - Chris Morgan , EV enthusiast 
Hi -  I am a proud owner of solar power at home. Because I feel
installing solar power at home is one of the best things I have done
with my life(!) I have been giving free talks on solar power in order to encourage others to do the same. There is so much a homeowner needs to know. I have done all the homework and put it into PowerPoint
presentations. I gave parts 1 and 2 down at the Portland Public Library
(10th and Yamhill) in September and October and am giving both parts
together on Sunday November 4th from 1-4PM. You will have a chance to
learn about the basics about solar hot water and solar power, their
costs and the available financial incentives, how to choose a system
size, how to judge whether your property has enough sunshine and to
figure out where to put the panels, what products are available, how to
get a good contract from a good contractor, alternatives for those who
are concerned about global warming but strapped for cash, full of
practical information and lots of interesting and entertaining facts.
The first series got 428 out of 432 points possible from the audience
evaluation forms. So if you are interested at all in solar power for
your house, you should try to attend. I have nothing to do with the
solar industry so there is no commercial bias - this is simply my
passionate hobby - and even if you have been to talks on the subject in
Portland already, your time will still be well spent attending these. I
also offer a free service of doing solar site surveys for anyone who is
interested enough in putting solar power at their home that they have
become curious how good their home solar resources are. This also allow
me to spend time with them at their home answering their specific
questions. For more information please contact me at
solar4homes at gmail.com or call my cell phone at 503-807-5959. If you
plane to attend a week from Sunday, an RSVP would help me plan how many
handouts to bring.
Thanks very much,
Chris Morgan
solar4homes at gmail.com, or cmorgan at oamri.com

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