[Oeva-list] Another take on the CARB agreement

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Tue Apr 1 00:58:14 PDT 2008

I had the same thought when the PIA action grams started coming out.  Why do
we need laws to drive the technology when there are so many start-ups and
many major OEMs have made EV or PHEV or REEV announcements.  There is a
demand, so the free market should take care of things, right?  Nope. Talk is
cheap and without a driving force like CARB's mandate, talk is all that
you'll get.

Chelsea Sexton was asked a similar question (why do we need ZEVs by legal
mandate?) in a podcast interview here; look for "listen to the whole
interview "


Her answer was that CARB should be leading the push for ZEVs, not just
writing laws that fit to what the automakers reluctantly say they can
do. That is not leading and it allows them to drag their feet indefinitely.
In 2014 it could be delayed again.

The auto-industry's slow, if not backward, progress over the last decade
shows that legal mandates are required to get any significant action from
them.  Even if this action is needed to save their business. Only then do
the economies of scale kick in that can make this an affordable solution.

I see it this way, the EVs of the late 90s prove it can be done.  I drive
one to work everyday right now.  Therefore it is not a technical problem, it
is a political one.  So it needs a political solution.


On 4/1/08, Nick <nickgaladay at msn.com> wrote:
>  Here's another article on the new CARB concessions to the automakers.  I
> don't see this as all bad.  H2 was not the best way to go anyway.  RE-EV is
> great and will in the end make EVs a lot more acceptable to the motoring
> public.  40 mile range on the Volt is a tad low but competition will drive
> that number up.  Buyers are only so dumb and only for so long.  2014 is a
> long way off so I'd like to see competition push GM to get their stuff in
> gear!  Their original Volt target date was 2008 if you recall.
> http://www.forbes.com/2008/03/30/auto-emissions-reductions-tech-science-cz_as_0331auto.html?partner=alerts
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