[Oeva-list] Edmonds councilman urges drivers to plug in to the future

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Wed Apr 2 11:10:49 PDT 2008

Edmonds, WA has installed a charging station.  There is a video that
discusses EV driving and briefly shows the charging station.

Jeff Kim, for our charging station sub-team it might be worth checking out
what they did.  I am heading up to Bellevue later this month and could swing
by and get pictures if that would help.  I could even try emailing the
councilman, if there are specific answers we need.

Here is what I could glean from the video:
It is labeled Connecticut Electric http://www.connecticut-electric.com/.  I
It looks like it has two different 240V plugs and two 120V.
They said it cost $3000 to install.


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