[Oeva-list] Tax credits with EVs

Micheal Drewry glassphoto at gmail.com
Thu Apr 3 10:48:59 PDT 2008

Not sure if every knows this, so I'll share what I learned.

I tried to get Oregon's tax credit converting a car to electric.  There is a
credit for the car up to $750 (25% of the cost of the conversion) and the
same for the charging station.  The charger can be in the car or installed
in your garage.

The thing that shot me down this year is that they go by the date I got my
plates, which I did on January 15th.  :-(   My car had no plates, so I did
not get them until I was driving.  OK, those first few tests down my street
were a tad on the illegal side.

But they did assure me that I can get it next year.   The process involves
sending in the forms to the Oregon Department of Energy, then they send you
a certificate that tells you how much you get.  You can then claim that
amount on line 39 of the Oregon Tax form,  "Other credits..."  You have to
use a special code (729) and then list the $ amount.  You don't have to send
in the certificate, just save it for your records in the case you are

You can find details and forms here:

Hope this helps someone.   At least I can get it next year.  Mine worked out
to about $920 for the car and charger.

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