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Micheal Drewry glassphoto at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 15:11:55 PDT 2008

Sorry for the slow reply, I've been down with the nasty flu that has been
floating around Portland.

There are two sections on this site (
http://www.oregon.gov/ENERGY/TRANS/hybridcr.shtml). Look on the right side
of this page for the links. The first group on the right is for hybrid
vehicles. But just below that is the application for form for both *Alternative
Fuel Vehicles *and *Charging/Fueling Systems*.  The form has sections for
both the car and the charging system.  The charging system can be stand
alone (in your garage) or in the car.

I called and talked with the people at the Oregon Dept of Energy about this
and they assured me that I could apply for my conversion. The date they will
use is the date you finished. In my case, I did not have license or tags and
delayed getting them until January 15th, so that was my "finish" date so I
can't apply until next year.  Well,  I can apply now, and have (no answer
yet), but use the credit with my 2008 taxes.  They also told me these
credits will still be in place for 2008.

I've not heard back on my application yet, but only sent it in about a week
ago.  I reviewed all the details over the phone and he said it sounded fine
and I should be OK for the credit.

Hope others can get credits this year!!!


On 4/5/08, Carla Grant <carladamaris at spiritone.com> wrote:
> Hey Micheal,
> It looks to me like it has to be a specific hybrid.  Were you able to
> determine that your conversion would fit the requirements?  Also,
> when I called about the alternative vehicle tax credit, I was told
> that I had to apply for the credit two months before purchasing the
> vehicle.   Did you go ahead and send in the application?  Have you
> received word yet on if you meet the requirements to get credit next
> year?
> Carla
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