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Ron Jayasuriya evmail4ron at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 11 10:10:22 PDT 2008

Notes from OEVA monthly meeting 4/10.

Attendance:  I counted over 50 people.
Cars: I didn't have a chance to write down which ones
were there.
There were about 4 or 5 cars there, all of which have
been at meetings before.
There was a newly finished electric scooter conversion

Agenda for meeting was listed as follows:
New People
EV Updates

New People
We welcomed a handful of newcomers, with varied

Paul Burkey is our event coordinator
email:  paburkey at juno.com
Past events -- Better Living Show was a success. 
Thanks to Gary for bringing his car, and to those who
helped man the booth.  It sounded like enough people
stepped up to help that no one felt that they were
doing more than they wanted to.

Upcoming Events (this part overlaps with Paul's recent

This Saturday there is an event in Tualatin from 12-3.
(T-V Council???)
Buzz from MC EV will bring a car.  If you'd like to
help you can probably contact Buzz at MC electric or
Paul Burkey for more details.

4/16 Oregon Convention Center will have "Clean
Technology" presentations 9-4:30.  Cost to attend is
$60.  Paul has more details if you are interested

4/19 Earth Day Events
Living Green Beaverton Neighborhood Summit 9-12:30
we have a table.
at this point, no one appears signed up to work the

82nd Ave Rose Parade
staging for parade 7am (at the north end of Eastport
Plaza), parade at 9am, projected to last 1-1.5 hours.
Contacts are:
Ken Turner
turnerkor at msn.com
(503) 4846885
The Support Group (503) 774-2832

There is a form to be filled out if you want to drive
a car in the parade.

Editor's note:  Seems like we could use some type of
banner or something.  What does the club currently
have in the way of table banners etc.?

Also, not mentioned for earth day is the festival at
Overlook Park (did it get overlooked? or are we not

4/22  David Douglas HS 8-3pm
Still need volunteers
4/23 PCC Sylvania Green Business Fair

Coming in May:
EV Awareness Day
Memorial Day Weekend at PIR
Coordinator Brad Hippert
brad.hippert at porteon.net

There seemed to be enough interest to warrant a two
day event.
That would be Sat 5/24 and Sun 5/25 with option of Mon
5/26 as a rain makeup day.

This is the club's big annual event.
In the past this has been held at Pioneer Sqare, so
this is an opportunity to do something different.
And an opportunity for people to step up to help make
it a success.
Rick Barnes suggested we have t-shirts (and hats?)
that we can sell to raise some revenue for the club.
Anybody capable of doing this should contact Rick
Rick also suggested that his favorite organization the
EAA be asked to list the event on it's website.  In
response to his enthusiasm the group appointed him to
be our EAA representative.

The last event mentioned was that SEVA is looking to
do some kind of distance event.  Don from Vancouver
knows more about it.

Guest Speaker
We were lucky to have Adam Szczepanek from
Aerovironment give a short presentation on
Aerovironment's history with electric vehicles.  He
was in town talking to the City of Portland about
opportunities to make Portland the leading EV city in
the nation.  We hope to see Adam in town again, and
have promised him a projector for next time.

Brainstorming session led by Tim Kutscha
I'll try to type this up and post it separately.  
Pretty lengthy list of ideas.

I want to make sure to mention the idea to have
subgroups be part of the meeting format.  This would
allow people to work on more in-depth issues for a
short time during the meeting
Currently there is a working subgroup on charging
stations, headed by Jeff Kim  (jkim at shorepower.com)

other subgroups that were suggested and received
EV Awareness/Promotion - This would be headed by our
event coordinator Paul Burkey

Open source ev conversion kit (headed by Tim?)

A lot of people want what I call shoptime, This could
be access to a communal shop, or visits to individual
member's shops, all kinds of other possibilities.  But
the idea seems to be something more "hands on."  Jim
Berry, a new member, volunteered to take this on. 
Sorry Jim, I didn't get your email.

New Projects
Victor (metricmind) announced start of an Audi A6
conversion that will use TWO AC motors (front and
rear).  Sounds like the car is being prepped for
conversion now.  According to Victor, John Weyland did
something similar with a Subaru.  We hope Victor will
bring his car to a meeting when it's ready.  

Chris (sorry no last name) working on
homebuilt/designed AC system

Jake brought us his "Resistor" scooter project.  36V
lithium batteries.
Nice job Jake.  Sorry I didn't get your full name or

Next meeting Thursday 5/8.

Some members, including our chairman will be in
Wenachee at a PHEV event.  So, it would be good if our
co-chairperson or someone else would take
responsibility for setting up and running the meeting.

That's about it.  Again, thanks to everyone for being
there, and to those helping with events, subgroups,
If I misspelled your name, my apologies, please offer
corrections if you like.
And if I left anything out, feel free to post to the
oeva board.

Hope to see you soon at an oeva meeting or event!

Ron Jayasuriya

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