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There is an MCEV store in Beaverton that you can talk to:

If you want to discuss EVs, that is all they sell and they will not try to
push you into a Jetta.

The EVs that are out there now, do have limitations.  You need to understand
what they can and can not do as far as speed and range.

I work in Hillsboro and two of my co-workers drive Zap! PK Trucks and they
are very happy with them.  Low speed vehicles can work great in Hillsboro.
I would look at the Zenn and Miles cars, they have better reputations.

For me, with my current commute, I would not consider an EV that could not
do freeway speeds. You need to carefully consider your needs, so you can be
happy with a vehicle that meets them.

Today your options are:
1) a low speed EV (Zenn, Miles, Zap and others)
2) NMG Speedway-speed pod
3) A freeway speed V from the late 90's (Ford Ranger, Chevy S10EV,
   These are $25K-$40K.
4) Tesla Roadster $100K
5) Conversions - Do it yourself, buy, or hire a conversion.

There are also electric scooters & bikes worth consideration.

Good Luck!


On 4/14/08, Randy May <rmay4 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>  I am knew to the idea of electric cars.  I went to the local dealer in
> Portland and all they told me was why I should not buy one and I should wait
> a year or two for the "real ones" to come out.
> I live in Hillsboro and do not drive out of the area much and wanted to
> look at one of the Zap pickups.  They had nothing electric charged up to
> drive but were glad to give me a test drive in a DSL Jetta...
> I found a guy with an electric Ranger for sale online but he said it is a
> $20-30K vehicle I did not know they were so expensive.
> Am I barking up the wrong tree here???  Are there local used vehicles for
> sale?  Should I not consider the PK? What are your thoughts?
> Randy
> rmay4 at yahoo.com
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