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Jeff Kim jeff.shorepower at gmail.com
Tue Apr 15 09:49:50 PDT 2008

I'm pretty happy with our ZAP PK.  I've take some corners pretty fast and
haven't been able to tip it.  As far as safety, it is better than a
motorcycle, but not as good as a full sized vehicle.  Considering the stock
ZAP tops out at just over 35 mph, it's probably as safe as a Mini going
70 mph on the freeway.  We upgraded ours to 84 volts, so it goes almost 50
mph, which is good enough for TV highway.  It's pretty stable at that speed.

Jeff Kim
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On 4/15/08, Randy May <rmay4 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>  I appreciate the feedback.
> I do need a second seat to make it viable.  I too need to travel on
> atleast TV hwy so the 25MPH versions would not work.  Usually the farthest I
> drive from Hillsboro are Rock Creek area or about 13 miles for my daughters
> piano classes and Banks OR for Boy Scouts.  Not sure if there is a route
> that I could legally take to get there.  The rest is all Forest Grove to
> Beaverton range.
> Is a 3 wheel 45MPH Zap stable?  Safe?
> Randy
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